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Can You Lease a Car for £100 or Under?

Personal Car Lease Under £100 a Month?


Can you get a car lease for under £100 a month? This is has been a hot topic of debate for a few days in our office. I used to work for a well known lease company back in 2015. You could almost guarantee there would be a special offer car for £99 or under. Yes, it was cars such as the Fiat 500, Citroen C1 and the Ford Ka, but they did exist. The cheapest car I remember seeing was a Fiat 500 deal for £85.

Anyway, back to our office debate. I was so sure there would be a personal lease deal somewhere online. So much so, I bet my colleague £20 I could find a handful of lease cars under £100. After spending 4 hours looking at sites today, I can now say – I was wrong. I couldn’t find a handful at all.

So how many cars did I manage to find? 1.

Something which I was right about though was the make and model I’d find a deal for. It was the good old Fiat 500! I knew it wouldn’t let me down.

I did find lots of business offers for just under 100 quid, but only one personal. And I did say I could find a handful… As a result I’m now £20 lighter in my wallet. Because I didn’t want to waste my money and the time spent looking, I’ve decided to write this for you.

I’m going to list the 20 lowest priced “new” cars I found during my search. But just how (aside from the Fiat 500) close did I manage to get?

Before going into the prices below, here are the 6 cheapest cars to lease presently. These were all near to the target price when I looked. If you get lucky when you are looking you may well get them for under 100:

  1. Fiat 500
  2. Skoda Citigo
  3. Hyundai I10
  4. Toyota Aygo
  5. Volkswagen Up
  6. SEAT Mii

To see the full lists for each car and links to the cheapest offers, read on below!

Right, it’s time to see the 20 lowest prices I found. Links to the best can be found below.

  1. £96.38: Fiat 500 (1.2 8V 69 Pop 3 Door) with Yes-Lease.
  2. £101.82: Fiat 500 (1.2 8V 69 Pop 3 Door) with Mad Sheep.
  3. £102.63: Skoda Citigo (1.0 Mpi Se 3dr) with Hippo.
  4. £106.52: Fiat 500 (1.2 Pop 3 Door) with Applied Leasing.
  5. £106.92: Hyundai I10 (1.0 Air 5 door) with Hippo.
  6. £109.55: Toyota Aygo (1.0 VVT-I X Play 5 Door) with Hippo.
  7. £110.46: Volkswagen Up (1.0 Move Up 3 Door) with Hippo.
  8. £110.32: SEAT Mii (1.0 S 5 Door) with Hippo.
  9. £112.55 : Fiat 500 (1.2 Pop 3 Door) with Rivervale.
  10. £113.99: Fiat 500 (1.2 Pop 3 Door) with FVL.
  11. £114.28: Toyota Aygo (1.0 VVT-i X-Play 5 door) with Nationwide Vehicles.
  12. £116.39: Citroen C3 (1.2 Puretech 82 Flair 5 Door) with Smart Leasing.
  13. £119.52: Toyota Aygo (1.0 VVT-i X 3dr 20) with Select Car Leasing.
  14. £120: Dacia Sandero (1.2 SCe Access 5 Door) with Evans Halshaw.
  15. £121.31: Nissan Juke (1.6 Visia 5 Door) with Hippo.
  16. £122.21 : Vauxhall Adam (1.2i Energised) for with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.
  17. £122.99: Suzuki Swift (Special Editions 1.2 5 Door) with Intelligent.
  18. £125.67: Hyundai I10 (1.0 S 5 Door) with Intelligent.
  19. £125.99: Fiat 500 (1.2 Lounge 3 Door) with Plan Cars.
  20. £125.95: Fiat 500 (1.2 Lounge 3 Door) with Motorama.

As you can see, it was really hard to find prices near to one hundred pounds. Out of 20, 8 offers were £10 away from my target. But the rest were quite a way away and these were the best I could find. They’re all still really good prices though.

We have lots of offers at Car Lease Comparison so visit our homepage and find a deal.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to cry about my lost £20 now…

Prices are correct as of 20/05/2019. If you visit this page in the future the prices may be different. I will try and update the page once a month though 🙂

PS, if you have a bit of a bigger budget, take a look at our car lease under £200 Per Month guide.

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