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Fiat 500 Colours Guide

Let's take a look at all the paint options for the Fiat 500.

During the past few months we have had lots of emails asking us about Fiat 500’s colours. We have now made a colour guide showing what’s available.

When Fiat gave their 50s/60’s classic a reboot, it was a great success. One of the reasons for the Fiat 500’s success was style. Fiat were able to capture the cars original charm while updating it for the modern market. It’s now one of the most popular city cars to lease.

In 2015 the range got a big update. As well as improving comfort, they added more options to personalise and style the car. So it’s no surprise there are lots of cool colours choices.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the Fiat 500 Colours!

Bosa Nova White (solid paint)

A great choice if you want a classic look, but dirt will show up easily.

Pasodoble Red (pastel paint)


We love the deep red on the 500 and think it’s really subtle. You will not see dirt as much as you would with the white.

Smooth Mint (pastel paint)

You will either love or hate this colour. It really does suit the classic look of the 500. However, if you are buying it may not be the best option when it comes to resale.

Tech House Grey (pastel paint)

This is a great choice if you do not want to “stand out from the crowd” with a bold colour. It’s really subtle and you won’t have any issues with dirt.

Groove Metal Grey (metallic paint)

We think this finish makes the 500 look elegant. As well as being a good choice to hide dirt, it won’t have any issues selling second hand.

Epic Blue (metallic paint)

A safe option when it comes to dirt and selling used, but this isn’t our fave colour of the bunch.

Electroclash Grey (metallic paint)

This light shade of grey looks fab. It’s subtle and understated. However, dirt may well be an issue due to the light shade.

Avantegarde Bordeaux (metallic paint)

A rich colour that’s not available for the 500c, which is a shame as we think it would look great. It really suits the 500 and an ideal shade to hide dirt.

Crossover Black (metallic paint)

The black is one of our fave colours of all the paint options, it looks fab.

Urban White (special paint)

Quite possibly our fave colour in the range. It’s simple and smart. Although, it may not be for everyone. Dirt will be an issue, but selling second hand will be easier than other colours.

Comics Red (bicolour paint)

Want two colours for your 500? Here is the option for you. A fab mix of red on the top half, and black on the bottom half. We think it looks fantastic.

Comics Yellow (bicolour paint)

If red isn’t your fave colour, but you really want bi colour, how about this? Staying with black on the bottom, Fiat have gone with a bold yellow on the top half. Very nice indeed.

What was your favourite colour?

We hope you enjoyed our guide. What was your fave colour? For us it was either the Crossover Black or the Urban White. If we had to choose, it would be the Urban White. It really does suit the iconic small car the best.

Would you like to lease a Fiat 500?

Have you been thinking about leasing a Fiat 500? In addition to being a popular car, there’s always good deals around for the 500. Prices are usually around £100. Our website is the best place to find the best lease deals for the Fiat 500.

Prices correct as of 29/03/2019. All images copyright Fiat.

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