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Electric Car Lease Deals Comparison

During the last few years there has been a big increase in the sales of electric cars. In 2018 there was nearly 60K sold – which is a record amount. The 2019 figures should be even bigger. There was 18K sales during the first 4 months of 2019. If that trend were to continue, 2019 may see a record 72K car sold.

With the figures on the up every year we’re starting to see more and more electric car lease deals. There is now a really good choice of electric cars available. Which is great to see for us all as drivers. But what are the prices like? Just how cheap are they?

Because we love to find the best prices for cars our team’s gone online to find them for you. Read on below for a round up on the cars and the cheapest prices on offer in the UK.

The benefits of driving an electric car

  • They are cheap to run.
  • No harmful CO2 emissions.
  • More places available to charge your car battery.
  • Really quiet to drive.
  • You can drive further without needing to charge.
  • There is a good choice of cars available.

If you are on a budget you may want to know what car you will be able to afford. On average, electric cars are quite a bit more costly than petrol cars.

This is due to sales and demand. We’re sure that prices will come down quite a bit in the coming years as demand grows.

Our list below compares the current best monthly prices for 14 cars we found online (cheapest first).

  1. £161.99: Renault Twizy
  2. £212.82: Kia Soul EV
  3. £222.91: Smart ForTwo EQ
  4. £229.99: Smart ForFour EQ
  5. £273.82: Hyundai Ioniq Electric
  6. £285.11: BMW i3
  7. £287.75: VW E Golf
  8. £318.99: Renault Zoe
  9. £320: Nissan Leaf
  10. £375.67: Hyundai Kona Electric
  11. £395.99: Jaguar I Pace
  12. £571.76: Audi E Tron
  13. £828.39: Tesla Model S
  14. £931.94: Tesla Model X

As you can see from above, there’s a really big difference between the first and last cars prices.

Did you know that the Nissan Leaf is the most searched electric car online? That’s because it’s the most popular car of its class. Nissan have sold over 400K units world wide. The Leaf has won many awards and has an impressive 235 miles of range. It’s a good looking, practical car that’s also quite affordable.

So what are the best Nissan Leaf Deals?

The model used for our Nissan Leaf lease comparison is the 10kW Acenta 40kWh 5 Door. The cheapest personal prices we found when looking were:

  1. £326 with Evans Halshaw.
  2. £343.04 with CarLeaseSpecialOffers.
  3. £343.75 with Applied.
  4. £345.99 with Plan Cars.
  5. £347.18 with Intelligent.

It’s stylish. It stands out. We love it. The BMW i3 will make a top choice if you want an electric car made by a premium badge brand. The i3 is a joy to drive and one of the most nifty we have tested. It’s almost the most perfect car for town driving. Compared to other cars, the range isn’t as good with an average of 160 miles. But if you’re driving round town, who cares?

So what are the best BMW i3 Deals?

The model we like the best for the BMW i3 is the 125kW 42kWh 5 Door. So we compare personal prices for that model (unless stated):

  1. £285.11 with CarLeaseSpecialOffers.
  2. £289.19 with Select.
  3. £292.51 with Willow.
  4. £297.96 with Fleet Prices.
  5. £322.68 with All Car.

Next up we have another award winning car – The Renault Zoe. We think it’s one of the best looking electric cars. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we love the way it looks. What we love even more though is how cheap it is to lease!

It’s cheap to run, bundles of fun to drive and comes with a home charger. The Zoe has an impressive range, too. You can drive around 250 miles before having to charge. If you’re looking for an Eco car, this would make a great choice.

So what are the best Renault Zoe Deals?

For our Renault Zoe car leasing comparison we went with the 80kW i Dynamique Nav R110 40kWh version. After searching online the best offers we could find were:

  1. £280 with Evans Halshaw.
  2. £280.57 with Wessex.
  3. £286.54 with Select.
  4. £288.52 with All Car.
  5. £289.03 with V4B.

If you’re a lover of SUV’s and considering  going electric, take a look at the Hyundai Kona. It’s a really practical car with an impressive electric range. You can get a 39kWh or 64kWh version of the car. With the 39kWh you can drive around 180 miles before you have to charge. If you like to drive longer distances, the 64kWh will get you 279 miles before needing a charge. It’s not as big as the normal Kona, but it will still be a really good family car.

What are the Cheapest Hyundai Kona Prices?

The model we used when looking for the Hyundai Kona Electric was the 39kWh 136 SE 5 Door. The lowest prices we could find were:

  1. £375.67 with V4B.
  2. £375.68 with Blue Chilli.
  3. £375.68 FleetPrices.
  4. £383.59 with Select.
  5. £394.94 with Intelligent.

If you are looking for a sporty SUV and have a big budget, the Jaguar I Pace is a top choice. It’s a super fun car to drive, with good boot space and a luxury cabin. By the way, it’s fast. It can go from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds!

The I Pace is a pure electric car that has almost 300 miles of range. If you’re looking for a luxury car that’s quicker than a Porsche (Cayman), this is the one for you. If you have the budget of course – Because it’s not cheap to lease.

How much will the Jaguar I Pace Cost to Lease?

There seems to be a really wide range of prices for the I Pace. You can find them as low as £395.99 and as high as £650. If you look for as long as we did, you will probably find a really cheap deal somewhere. The model used to compare prices was the 294kW EV400 S 90kWh:

  1. £395.99 with Central Vehicles.
  2. £440.27 with Go Green.
  3. £455.40 with Mad Sheep.
  4. £463.23 with GB Vehicles.
  5. £533.99 with Lease Car.

It might not be the most stylish looking car, but it will suit those of us with families. The Ioniq is spacious and comes with some great equipment as standard. Something that may be an issue for some people is the cars range.

Hyundai say it can go 174 miles before charging the battery. However, we’ve heard reports saying the Ioniq can only go for around 140 miles. Although the price is definitely a selling point, we think there is better options available.

So what are the cheapest Hyundai Ioniq Prices?

We found the offer pricing to be really competitive for the Hundai Ioniq. It’s a car that will be in budget for quite a few people who want to go electric. The model used for our leasing comparison was the 88kW Electric Premium:

  1. £273.82 with Blue Chilli.
  2. £280.07 with V4B.
  3. £280.07 with Drive Electric.
  4. £285.85  with Rivervale.
  5. £287.41 with Intelligent.

Along with the Model X, the Tesla Model S is one of the most costly electric cars you can lease. Is it worth the price? We’re not sure on that. If you want a fast car though, it probably would be worth it. You may be paying loads, but going from 0 to 60mph in 2.5 seconds may just make up for that! The Model S has a decent range. Although that will depend on your driving. The battery can last for anywhere between 200 – 300 miles. If you’ve got money to burn and a desire for speed, the Model S is for you.

How cheap can you get a Tesla Model S for?

We must admit that it was quite hard finding companies who offered the Tesla S on a contract hire. That’s probably due to the high price! In the end we only found 5 prices for the 241kW 75kWh Dual Motor 5 Door:

  1. £828.39 with Rivervale.
  2. £1068.99 with Plan Cars.
  3. £1130.05 with CarLeasing.
  4. £1163.50: with Applied.
  5. £1304.51 with FVL.

If you’re after a car that can fit 7 people (and have lots of money) – Say hello to the Model X. The Tesla Model X is a high performance car with impressive speed. No, it’s not Model S level of speed, but it will still go from 0 – 60 in 5 seconds. So it’s no slouch. You should be able to get around 200 miles of driving in before you need to stop for a charge. So not bad. For the high price however, we’re not sure it’s worth it.

So how much will a Tesla Model X Cost?

Just like the Model S, it wasn’t easy to find deals for the Model X either. It’s an even higher price range than the Model S. Here are the best 5 prices we could find online:

  1. £931.94 with Jet Vehicle Finance.
  2. £1223.07 with Applied.
  3. £1201.98 with CarLeasing.
  4. £1245.99 with Plan.
  5. £1404.32 with FVL.

The VW Golf has been the go to small family car for what feels like forever. But will the E Golf become just as popular? If you have driven a Golf, you will feel right at home with the E Golf. It’s pretty much the same but is more Eco friendly. It has the same qualities. It’s well built, spacious and practical. The one thing that may cause pause for consideration is the Golf’s electricity range. It will be good for around 125 miles before the need to charge the battery.

What’s the best prices for the VW E Golf?

Out of all the electric cars the prices of the Golf seem pretty decent. Compare the cheapest lease prices for the 99kW e-Golf 35kWh we found below:

  1. £287.75 with Jet.
  2. £287.99 with CentralVehicleLeasing.
  3. £299 with DriveElectric.
  4. £306.97 with NationalVehicleSolutions.
  5. £324.99 with Plan.

It may look a little, Box like, but the Kia Soul SUV does have its plus points. It’s cheap to run and it’s well equipped. The cabin is quite roomy – and aside from looking box like – and it’s quite funky looking. The look of the Soul will come down to personal taste at the end of the day.

There are a couple of things we definitely don’t like. First is the range of the car. Its official range is only 132 miles.  Enough for a commute, but not great for travel further away. Second is the battery pack. We don’t like the fact it impacts on the space inside.

If you have a small budget and need a cheap electric car, it may be worth considering.

How cheap is a Kia Soul on contract hire?

Due to the sheer amount of time it’s taken us, this is our last comparison. The Kia Soul is one of the lower priced electrics. The lowest prices we could find for the Soul (81kW EV 27kWh 5dr Auto were:

  1. £212.82 with TotalCars.
  2. £218.45 with Select.
  3. £231.48 with RGW.
  4. £233.36 with VehiclePartnership.
  5. £242.99 with Plan.

Would you like to find the best electric car prices? You can compare lease deals on our site.

Please note: The prices above are correct as of 21/05/2019. By the time you read this they may not be the same.

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