Car Leasing with Insurance Included

Leasing a car with insurance

Did you know that you can now get car leasing deals with insurance included? Some brokers will be able to offer you 3rd party cover as part of a long term lease contract – But it may only be for a select few cars. So how does it all work? Read our guide below for more details and deals.

Brokers can supply you a number of fully maintained lease cars with insurance. They can include this for both personal and business contracts. In most cases the deals with insurance will not be listed on their websites. You will need to contact them for a full quote and break down.

Most brokers use the same company and product for this service: Arval Total Care. They may brand it in another way, but it’s all the same thing – and through Arval. So keep that in mind when looking round for options.

Something we would like to mention: Arval may not be the cheapest option for insured leasing. When speaking to a broker, ask them if they can offer deals with Lex Autolease. Lex can offer insurance with their contracts. The rates may well be cheaper than the ones with Arval. If you can, get quotes for both options. This may end up saving you money.

Whichever option you go for you’ll have peace of mind having your car fully insured.

However, the rest of the guide is only going to cover Arval and Total Care. It’s the most common option and offers maintenance as well.

In order to qualify for insured car leasing:

  • You will need to be between 21 and 67 years of age.
  • Your driving license has to be a valid UK/EU one.
  • You need to have held your license for 1 year or over.
  • There will be no more than 6 points on your license at the time of application.
  • You will not have made more than 2 insurance claims within the last 2 years.
  • During the last 2 years you will not have been at fault for more than 2 accidents.
  • You’ll be fit to drive (with no advice from a doctor or DVLA to stop driving due to poor health).
  • For business contract hire you will be the lease holder or an employee of the lease holder.
  • For personal contract hire you will be the leassee or their partner / spouse.

Total Care offers far more than just insuring your car. There are a number of benefits which will give you peace of mind during your lease contract:

  • You will get third party liability.
  • Cover for the cost of repairs (as the result of an accident, fire or even theft).
  • Replacement or repair of any body glass for your car.
  • If you write the car off you’ll have no financial gap.
  • A guarantee of maintenance and servicing.
  • Assistance with breakdowns (including a replacement car within 48 hours).
  • A quick claims and accident management service.
  • Free MID updates for you.

Here is an image showing what’s included:

car leasing with insurance included

Fully maintained with insurance vs a Normal Lease Plan

The table below compares with and without a full maintenance package:

Let’s Compare Options Maintained Plan Normal Plan
All in one monthly payment? Yes No
Fully insured to drive? Yes No
Maintenance for your car Yes Optional
Cover for partner/spouse Yes No
Write Off Shortfall Yes Optional
Glass Cover Yes No
Replacement car Yes No
Damage Waiver (£500) Yes No
Breakdown recovery service Yes No

We didn’t want to make you read through a wall of text, so here’s some helpful links. These will provide any further info you need and answer any questions you may have.

Here’s a helpful PDF by Arval which answers customers FAQs:

View the PDF here (link will open in a new window)

Here’s a helpful video from Arval about the service:

We currently have 3 deals available on car lease comparison which can include insurance (for extra pm). There’s one for the BMW 1 Series, one for the BMW 3 Series, and one for the Jeep Renegade. There’s links to the deals below.

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